Amy Sanchez - Brand Ambassador - Model

Amy is 7 years old. Saori is her middle name.
She was born in the Hispaic heart of Queens, NY.
Since she was in Mami’s tummy, she was and is a blessing to her parents, as are her 2 brothers, but since she is the only girl in the family and the youngest, she has the privilege of being very spoiled by everyone.
She is an excellent student and leader of her class, this year she is in the 2nd grade at her elementary school.
Her week is very active due to her academic school and her extra-curricular activities, she has just turned 2 years old belonging to and participating in the dance competition group Ferrari Dance Center NYC @FDC.NYC, from a very young age she showed that she liked dancing and when she was 3 years old she started taking baby ballet.
She has also taken piano and modeling classes, but since her schedule is tight, she has had to suspend some of them, although she misses them a lot. She likes to travel, know new places and enjoys his family to the fullest.
Her aspirations now are to be a good daughter, sister, dancer, model, fashionista, and student, and her dream is to have a kitten, she has a dog thou.
She is very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful Little Matilda collection because beside the experience she will gain, she will have a great time with so many beautiful and important people.