Karmen Lara -Brand Ambassador - Model

On March 23, 2018, In the warm city of Orlando Florida, I saw the light for the first time. My name is Karmen Lara, and since that day, my life has been an exciting roller coaster full of bright lights and unforgettable moments.

At the tender age of 5, in June 2023, I decided to venture into the wonderful world of dance and modeling. And boy has it been an incredible journey! Currently, I immerse myself in kindergarten classrooms, where I not only leave my academic mark, but I also stand out for communicating fluently in. I find myself leading renowned fashion shows, such as Orlando International Fashion Week, Fashion Parade Atlanta and The Fancy Fashion Frenzy Orlando. Every step on the catwalk is an affirmation of my passion for modeling.

My love for this world began to take shape when I participated in the prestigious Miss World Latina USA pageant. Surprisingly, I was singled out as a vicereine without having any prior stage experience. And there, on that stage, my Talent Show shined with a unique dance to "Waka Waka" by Shakira, choreographed by myself. This moment went viral on the TikTok platform, and suddenly, I found myself being a recognized on social media. It was an unexpected achievement that not only cemented my position in the modeling world but also fanned the flame of my dedication.

Throughout my short but intense career, I have been the face of renowned fashion brands, from @AnaMirandaDesign, @MyLittleMatilda, to @Kittiebearhugs. Also, I am the image of @KarmenFood1. Embodying the essence of these brands not only shows my versatility, but also my ability to inspire through fashion. My story is constantly evolving, and every step I take on this journey brings me closer to reaching new heights. Join me as I continue to spread my wings and leave my mark on this fascinating journey called life!